Fabric Is What Makes A Great Towel

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2 December, 2015
Picking and Maintaining the Best Towels for Your Family
2 December, 2015

Fabric Is What Makes A Great Towel

Fabric Is What Makes A Great Towel

When one shops for towels, the first thing that comes to mind is the fabric. The best towels should be

made of 100% cotton. This is because 100% cotton towels will help absorb water quickly and feel soft

against your skin. The highest quality cotton is produced in Egypt, U.S.A, India, Turkey and Brazil, so

towels made with cotton form these countries should be given extra consideration.

Egypt has a long history of planting cotton. Their cotton is known all over the world for being super

soft, durable and highly water absorbent and is often considered the benchmark by which all other

cotton is measured. Egyptian cotton is the most luxurious and provides the best quality towels

Supima Cotton is planted in Southwest United States and is derived from the same specious of plan as

Egyptian cotton. For this reason Supima cotton bears many similarities with Egyptian cotton such as

softness and ability to absorb water. Supima Cotton is often less expensive than Egyptian cotton so its

use will help maintain high standards while reducing costs.

Standard cotton is lower quality than both Supima and Egypt Cotton due to their shorter staples.

However, it is still very strong and absorbent. For this reason it is a cost-saving option for price

sensitive consumers.

Bamboo is another type of natural sustainable fiber for making towels. Towels produced with bamboo

are very soft, very absorbent and fast-drying. Some of the primary benefits from bamboo are its light

environmental impact and especially its naturally occurring anti-microbial, anti-fungal & anti-static


For those consumers looking for the best towels for everyday use, those made with Eqyptian and

Supima cotton really make the best choice.