Picking and Maintaining the Best Towels for Your Family

Fabric Is What Makes A Great Towel
2 December, 2015

Picking and Maintaining the Best Towels for Your Family

Towels are not only an essential product for every family, but also medium for decorating our

bathrooms. However not everyone knows how to choose a set of towels that are both good

quality and good looking at the same time. Also many people don’t know how to use them

properly and take care of them well so they will last. The following tips will help you in solving

all these problems.

1. Quantities and Sizes

Normally a set of towels should include 1 bath towel, 2 hand towels and 1 face towel. The

standard size for each towel is as follows: a Bath towel is 100cm x 150cm or 70cm x 125cm, a

hand towel is 50cm x 90cm and a face towel is 30cm x 30cm

2. Fabrics

Towels that are made of Egyptian cotton are very soft, plush and yet very water absorbent. This

type of towel is considered luxurious and expensive but will last you a very long time. It is

worthy to invest in these types of towels.

Towels made out of standard cotton are just a little bit less soft than towels made of Egyptian

cotton, but they are still very durable and meet the standards required by most families. Buying

this type of towel allows you to change towels more frequently while still maintaining decent

quality. Finally, towels made from a combination of cotton and polyester are the least expensive.

Depending on your budget and expectations, you can choose one of the above types of towels

which best suits you.

3. Colors and Designs

White towels will give an impression of cleanliness to your bathroom. Choose towels that have

the same color as the bathroom titles and other things in the bathroom. Aim to make the whole

bathroom look like a set.

If you want your bathroom to look more designed and stylish, you can choose colors that are in

contrast with the bathroom titles. Also depending on each member of your family’s hobby and

tastes you can choose suitable colors and designs

4. Usage and Care

You should always wash prior to using them when you purchase a new set. Also, don’t use

fabric softeners too often because it will make your towels less absorbent. If you can, try to let

your towels dry naturally and just don’t them too hard because frequent usage of washing

machines will make your towels stiff and less plush.